Mentoring 1-1 in English

This is where Brenda Olie shares her expertise in photography and uses her experience as a teacher of Rotterdam High School (Hogeschool Rotterdam) to enable other photographers to grow. She has her own Newborn Photography school in Holland: Ollieschool 

Newborn Photography individual 1-1 mentoring

This workshop gives all photographers every piece of  information they need for setting up an effective Newborn Photography shoot. This workshop is intended for photographers who have sufficient basic knowledge of photography, but still do not possess specialist knowledge about Newborn photography.

- Safety
- Specialist medical knowledge required about Newborn babies
- How to deal with parents
- Basic equipment for Newborn photographers
- How to arrange my set
- How to get the baby to sleep, tips ‘n tricks
- Posing
- Styling
- Wrapping techniques
- Various postures and corresponding problems
- What are effective workflows?
- (natural) light, composition and camera techniques
- Photoshop


- This includes a free 'From Ollie with Love" giftset.